Board of Trustees

Mountain View Montessori is guided by a Board of Trustees who, together with the MVM administration, oversees and protects the financial position of the school, ensures adherence to AMI accreditation and standards of educational excellence, and develops long term planning to protect the school’s sustainable longevity.

As a Nevada 501 c(3) non-profit corporation, MVM offers Corporate Membership* to all of its enrolled families. Qualifications for Membership, as stated by the MVM bylaws, Article IV, 4.01 dated 5/28/20 are:

• Must have a child enrolled in the school for a minimum of one year

• Must have been actively involved in fundraising activities or organizational support for the school

• Must be current on financial obligations to the School

• Must demonstrate a good understanding of the Montessori philosophy

• Must have attended the six-class series of Parent Montessori Education:

o Four Planes of Development

o Human Tendencies

o Freedom & Responsibility

o Absorbent Mind/Sensitive Periods

o Cosmic Education

o Grace & Courtesy/Practical Life

*Corporate Membership status is required to serve on the MVM Board of Trustees

Each year we are fortunate to have dedicated individuals from our parent community, faculty and the greater Reno-Sparks community who serve on our Board of Trustees. These are our current Board Members:

Whitney Freeman
Board Chair
Brian O’Leary
Mary Levy
Head of School & President of the Corporation
Sara Lee
Secretary of the Corporation & Recording Secretary
Devlon Moore
Vice Chair
Nicole Williams
Jackie Silveira-Sater
AMI Member, Director of Education
Michele Thompson
AMI Member
Greta Pearson
Joanna Drakos
Monique Russell
Treasurer of the Corporation
Kate Vallee
AMI Member

565 Zolezzi Lane, Reno, Nevada 89511