How can I find out more about Mountain View Montessori?

To accommodate everyone who would like a tour, we host monthly Prospective Parent Meetings during the school year beginning in September. Our Director of Education gives an overview of the Montessori philosophy along with a tour of the school. This is the first step in our Admission process.

How do I find out about Prospective Parent Meeting Dates?

Please contact the school office to register for one of our monthly meetings.

Contact us at 775-852-6162.

Do you have a Waiting List?

We have an ongoing Applicant Pool. Openings in a Montessori classroom are age and gender specific; therefore, our first consideration is what openings we are able to offer each school year.

How do I get my child into the Applicant Pool?

Attending a Prospective Parent Meeting is the first step. After attending a meeting we ask you to observe in an age appropriate classroom while it’s in session. Both of these steps are adult only events. Both steps are required in the Admission Process. An application will be provided at the observation appointment.

Contact us directly at 775-852-6162 or info@mvmreno.com  with any other questions.


565 Zolezzi Lane, Reno, Nevada 89511