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Elementary Bountiful Harvest Bag

The elementary community is back to present you with our latest treat! The students have been working eagerly to create a variety of items that we are sure your family will enjoy. The lower elementary have created homemade bird seed treats for your favorite fall tree, a set of 4 “thankful’ napkin holders and pumpkin slime. Upper elementary has created pumpkin pie soap bars, ceramic autumn leaf soap dishes and a hand tied macrame holder with a small plant. Each purchase will be wrapped in a hand stamped bag, block printed by upper elementary students and include all the items listed. We will begin sending home the Bountiful Harvest Bags the week of October 25th. We thank you for your support!


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Thank you for your support!
Please find pictures of this years scarecrows below.

All proceeds from the Scarecrows for Good Raffle will benefit Project 150 Reno which is a local charity focused on providing basic needs to homeless, displaced, and disadvantaged high school students allowing them to focus on education and graduate from high school. To learn more visit:

Kate’s Classroom Scarecrow
“Jack-O’-Lantern Boo”

Rieko’s Classroom Scarecrow

Her name is Candy. She has cute button eyes, nose, and a smiley face. She is made out of a flannel shirt and jeans stuffed with straw, and lots of love from our children.

Tanisha’s Classroom Scarecrow
“Midnight the Crow”

One day, a scarecrow wished he could turn into a crow. So, he thought who to ask and he called the Old Crow. The Old Crow came and the scarecrow began to tell him what he wanted. “I want to turn into a crow”, said the scarecrow. “I shall make you a crow if you give me all the corn in your field.”, the Old Crow demanded. “No way!”, the scarecrow exclaimed. “It’s the only way to become a crow.”, the Old Crow replied. So the scarecrow gathered all the Corn in the field. He felt a little nervous because he didn’t want the farmer to be angry. “In the morning, when you wake up, you will be a crow.”, promised the Old Crow. The Scarecrow slept through the night and was excited about getting his wish. The next morning the scarecrow was a crow but not exactly how he wanted. The Old Crow had tricked him!

Sophia’s Classroom Scarecrow

Here comes the bride, all dressed in black!
Rising out of the pumpkin patch!
Spraying leaves everywhere
And taking to the air.
As she flew in front of the moon,
She cast a shadow of doom.

Lower Elementary 2 would like to present our Dia de los Muertos themed scarecrow. Built with a sturdy frame by three of our third years using power tools, Alesha has a beautiful designer black satin and white lace dress paired with a fashionable spiderweb belt and a cathedral veil. When you look into the eyes of the bride of the dead you will soon be mesmerized by her detailed make up and her favorite featured friend Astra the Axolotl.

Thank you for supporting Scarecrows for Good!

Jackie’s Classroom
“Surfin’ Scarecrow”

Scarin’ away the sharks.

Jackie’s Classroom Scarecrow
“Coco the Farm Dog”

Ashlen’s Classroom Scarecrow
“Gnome Sweet Gnome”

Throughout history, garden gnomes have been seen as a good luck sign for farmers. They are used in a similar fashion as scarecrows, to watch and protect crops. Many believed that having a gnome helped their farms yield bountiful harvests! Upper elementary 2 wanted to share the good luck with your family, as we present you with our harvest gnome, Gnome Sweet Gnome for your home sweet home. (Emphasis on the sweet).

Adolescent Community’s Scarecrow

Benson is a 147 year old farmer who has spent all his time farming crops out in the field. Benson’s favorite crop is pumpkins, and he loves the autumn months. Benson spends most of his free time scaring away birds who want to eat his crops. Benson has many friends who help him scare away birds from his crops.

MVM’s Office Scarecrow

Hoo is this owl?
His name is Owlbert. He was created from the garden by the MVM Administration. He likes to eat grapes as you can see from his body. His favorite subject as MVM is owlgerbra but he never studies for tests, he just wings it! I’m talon you, if you win him, he will be a great addition to your family.

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