Montessori Around the World

The current success and broad presence of Montessori is based on a rich history. For over 100 years, the Montessori method has been quietly revolutionizing education. There are more than 5,000 Montessori schools in the United States and more than 20,000 in 110 countries worldwide. Association Montessori Internationale has affiliate Societies in 24 countries over four continents and 62 training centers worldwide.

Educateurs sans Frontières (EsF) is a division of AMI dedicated to working with individuals, families, communities, organizations and governments to further the rights, education and welfare of children worldwide. EsF is committed to transcending borders to serve children through innovative educational initiatives using Montessori principles and practices. EsF functions as a social movement that strives to promote the rights of the child throughout the world, irrespective of race, religion, political and social beliefs, in cooperation with other bodies and organizations that further the development of education, human rights and peace.

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