Scarecrows For Good

Kate’s Classroom Scarecrow
“Pumpkin, the scarecrow”

Pumpkin is an old-fashioned scarecrow that will sure brighten up any front porch for the Fall season!  All items were lovingly donated by our MVM families in my class.


Rieko’s Classroom Scarecrow

My name is Patsy. I am a cowgirl scarecrow and I love to take care of the garden. I enjoy watching the bugs crawling, frogs jumping and lizards napping. My smily face brings sunshine everywhere!


All Day Montessori Scarecrow

To kick off our first year, we have decided to create a scarecrow in All Day Montessori. Our classroom is primarily the outdoor environment and therefore we are gathering materials from nature to assemble a scarecrow in the form of a bird. We often stop our play, conversations, movement, and snacks to witness the sound of the many birds in our outdoor environment.




Tanisha’s Classroom Scarecrow

This year Tanisha’s class is making a traditional scarecrow. The students are using papier mache for the head and embroidering patches for its overalls and flannel shirt. Our classroom is still brainstorming names for our delightful creation. Stay tuned!



Martha’s Classroom Scarecrow
“Piñatas Man”

This year Martha’s class focused on the technique of dying material by hand, which produces distinctive patterns, and the art of making modern piñatas. The head of our scarecrow is a five-pointed piñata. The art of making modern piñatas falls under the Mexican craft heading of “cartonería,” which refers to the making of items from paper and cardboard. AND YES! It is filled with a secret surprise…. (stay tuned). Our scarecrow enjoys bright, vivid colors that express his favorite color- (the rainbow). He always wears his awesome shoes that will make you smile for sure. And he loves his tie-dye outfits.


Jackie’s Classroom Scarecrow


Ashlen’s Classroom Scarecrow



Adolescent Community’s Scarecrow

Jeffrica live is a garbage can and eats a steady diet of trash. However, it’s favorite time of year is Halloween because of the thrown-out candy. It’s blue hue is caused by only eating candy in the month of October.
Will you be blue too?


MVM’s Office Scarecrow
Which Witch is Which?

Mustard Seed, Buttercup Leaves, and Ivy are three friends ready for Halloween….but which witch is which?



Scarecrows in progress!

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