Jackie Silveira-Sater
AMI Teacher &

Director of Education
Elementary 9-12

I chose Montessori because I liked the freedom it offered for my child.  I was drawn to the prepared environment.  I love the order and didactic materials.  It makes sense!

The lessons I most enjoy giving in class are numerous.  I love when I give a lesson and the children seem to, as if by magic, come up with an instantaneous plan for some great work they will do to follow-up.  I love it when they tell me it was the best lesson they’ve ever had.  I have gone through stages of loving one lesson or another, probably depending on the level of my confidence.  I love the geometry lessons and the tie to history and etymology.  I wish I could tell you that just one lesson is my favorite, but truly so many are so much fun to give.

If I could spend a week anywhere in the world, I would go to the Mediterranean.  I am interested in the cultures, art, architecture, food and geography of the region.


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